Our recommendations are based on consumer information and background information based on our own research.

Auto Consumer Reports

This is a non-profit site dedicated to the consumer. This site researches businesses across the United States that are involved in selling, appraising, and repairing automobiles.

The auto industry is flooded with scams and rip offs. Most people never even realize they have been taken. Hopefully sites like ours will help the consumer become educated and know what to look for when buying, selling, repairing, or having a car appraised.

We gather information from individuals, newspapers, websites, and other consumer organizations. We then do our own research to double and triple check the information.

Information Posting and Consumer Complaints

Because our goal is to educate the consumer, we will post our findings in various publications and on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Please fill out the form below to file a complaint. Provide as much information as possible on the form including names and phone numbers of business.